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Antea Group


What we did





The Challenge

The name Antea Group might not immediately ring a bell for most people. Yet, every Dutch person encounters their work at some point. This engineering company develops the largest construction projects in the country: from viaducts and bridges to dams and railways. Whether we wanted to capture all of that in a new commercial? Of course!

The BIG idea

It quickly became clear that the people at Antea Group aren't afraid of a bit of humor and self-mockery. That was music to our ears. In the concept, we presented the idea that the people at Antea Group are not just dedicated to their work from 9 to 5, but are actually always engaged with their profession. The result: a funny yet inspiring video for all the relations and (future) employees of Antea Group.

Behind the scenes

### English Translation:A huge bridge like the one we needed for this video simply wasn't sold by LEGO. The bridge in the video actually comes from a group of hobbyists who develop their own LEGO sets. It took us about 10 hours to assemble this giant structure!

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