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Elk afscheid mooi

What we did




motion graphics

The Challenge

Meride Uitvaartverzorging asked us to transform the creative campaign concept by Joe Public into a film. In this commercial, viewers are introduced to Aunt Tiny, a nature lover who wants to direct her farewell in her own unique way. Adformatie wrote an article about it.

The BIG idea

Meride. Every farewell beautiful. Translated into various characters that are relatable to the target audience. Concept by Joe Public. We created the first adaptation of the character 'Aunt Tiny'. For this, we visited a beautiful heathland just outside Arnhem. A breathtaking location for a filmshoot!

Behind the scenes

Sometimes, things happen on set that you can't predict. Our star extra, Valerio, a Highland cow, unexpectedly couldn't show up due to an emergency. Luckily, with the help of the ranger, we got in touch with the shepherd and managed to get the much-desired shot on the heath with a flock of sheep.

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